300m About

Our client roster features some of the largest advertisers in the world, and our backgrounds include working for some of the largest advertising agencies in the world. Our work has been recognized locally, nationally, and in advertising and marketing textbooks. 300m brings a results-orientation to client companies—an intense focus on client sales and share gains.


We understand the necessity of forging a multidimensional connection between the consumer and our clients’ brands. With the proliferation of media alternatives, escalating media costs, and target consumer typologies becoming more and more complex, the essence of branding has moved from establishing the brand into leveraging the brand—developing unique and creative methods of combining what targeted users already know about the brand with emotional and rational appeals, to compel them to integrate the brand into their everyday lives.

  From home offices in the Arena District, 300mis a Columbus, OH advertising agency that provides brand planning, creative production, design, and broadcast production services. In addition, 300m company in Columbus, Ohio designs websites and other digital media, and plans and places print, broadcast, and outdoor media. If you're looking for an advertising firm in Columbus, Oh, 300m excels at delivering outstanding ad programs.