300m About

No two clients are alike, so we never approach an assignment in a formulaic fashion. Yet, it makes sense to have an approach to marketing creative problem solving. With the process structured, it allows our thinking to stay open to the unique possibilities of every challenge, as we look for ways to do something that’s never been done.


Our proprietary I.D.E.A. Process: to define the strategy and develop the marketing plan


This is our discovery, data mining, research, and goal setting phase. Depending on volume and reliability of existing information, and budget, we may recommend primary research at this point to explore or prove/disprove hypotheses developed in the Insight phase.

Based on our learnings in the Insight phase we develop in-depth strategies, recommendations, and tactics to be included in the marketing plan, the media plan, and the overall promotional plan. Recommendations will include but not be limited to the following: Goals Situation analysis Marketing strategies Media recommendations Promotional timeline Creative recommendations

The implementation and roll out phase. The process involves setting predetermined checkpoints for directional input and approvals from client’s organization.

Measurement of pre-determined success criteria to refine existing tactics and develop new recommendations for maximizing ongoing success. We strive to “problem-proof” marketing plans by considering all the likely implementation problems and developing plans that avoid them. During the Analysis phase we are continuously seeking feedback and additional direction regarding client’s perception of achievement of results. Timely learnings in the Analysis phase are used to fine-tune the overall plan at the Direction phase.

From home offices in the Arena District, 300mis a Columbus, OH advertising agency that provides brand planning, creative production, design, and broadcast production services. In addition, 300m company in Columbus, Ohio designs websites and other digital media, and plans and places print, broadcast, and outdoor media. If you're looking for an advertising firm in Columbus, Oh, 300m excels at delivering outstanding ad programs.